Friday, December 23, 2005

Another Blog Taken Over By:
Becca the Not Man Eater
Since noone every goes on this blog anymore...Becca the not man eater has taken over again....yeah well i know how to knit and have had many frustrating expierences about it espeecially in knit club (* yes folks we do have a knit club in the middle school that would watch movies after school and manly just eat*) so i been working on the same scarf for like 4 years and it has many holes which one large quarter sized hole from the courtsey of Mrs. Rosen and wow knitting is hard and you should all appreciate it so bye.

Another Blog Taken Over By;
Becca the Not Man Eater
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
  Growing Up
The breathing stops, I don't know when
in transition once again
such a struggle getting through these changes
and it all seems so absurd to be flying like a bird
when I do not feel I've really landed here...

It's no secret that I love Peter Gabriel.

I also love knitting (look around, har har.) There had to be a way, I reasoned, for the two to go together.

Then, one day, while perusing the ever-lovely Solsbury Hill, I saw quite a brilliant comic by the equally brilliant Eastwood. It looked a little something like this.

And my knitting senses went crazy! So Growing Up: The Scarf was born, out of 2 skein of Red Heart Super in Light Fuschia and Black, my old reliable #8 needles, and Microsoft Outlook to chart that oh-so-funky intarsia arrow pattern. It took me quite a long time, with a few mishaps, but now it's finally done and I can tell you, oh is this thing warm.

Clockwise from left: Growing Up, emerging from the shadows, obligatory modeled shot (forgive our creepy model, Pillowman wasn't available) and the reverse side, plain black with the GUL babies on each end.

The front side (the arrows) was done in intarsia, the back side (the babies) was done in fair isle (my first time with both!) I might post the actual charts for these designs later.

Now, if the Man decides to visit our frigid corner of New England in wintertime, I will have appropriate concert-going apparel :-D Heh.

Sunday, November 06, 2005
  time for a picture fix
Good news, guys! My FO pile is slowly dwindling down to...uh...a smaller FO pile! Yay! Here are some progress shots, because everyone knows I only look at the pictures.

Short Row Rib from Magknits in Paton's Grace Viola

Tempting (sans ribbon) from Knitty in Lion Brand Wool-ease Denim 114

This is the striped waistband of Candy from Knitty in TLC Lustre, Copper and Spruce. If you were wondering, its not chalked up on the progress bars because I can't decide if these two colors look wicked funky or wicked fugly. Tell me, please, and spare me from a cardigan that resembles fungus? Thanks muchly.

Today, I think, there will be an excursion to find a copy of Scarf Style for various Christmas present ideas, and maybe to glance through a copy of Knit. 1, which I've ordered a free copy of :-D. Incredibly exciting, I know (once again, I'm ignoring your snoring.)

Saturday, October 29, 2005
  tempted by the fruit of a--I hate this song
Update: Tempting? Finally done. Just need to get some ribbon for the top.

*squeal* So exciting!
Friday, October 07, 2005
  my brain the studio apartment
Slowly putt-ing away at Tempting...of course, I'd probably go a lot faster if I did nearly as much knitting as I did reading about knitting online. And--distraction! There are so many items on the T0-Knit List that are taking up precious brain space. My brain space, by the way, is the real estate equivalent of a studio apartment.

Post-Tempting Knit Excursions:

There are more, but I figure I should take things, oh, 5 steps at a time. And I also have to finish da PG scarf, which I swear I will buckle down and do as I soon as I find my other #8 knitting needle. Really.

Sunday, September 25, 2005
  the opposite of congress
I <3 progress bars. (See sidebar.) Too bad I'll never see them move.
Monday, September 19, 2005
  its my party and i'll celebrate after 1 row if i want to
Finally started Tempting...hooray!
Note: Circular needles are really weird thus far (1 row done, heh heh.) My thumb/index finger hurts like whoa. I could be doing it wrong or I could be using really cheap needles. Or, you know, both.

P.S: 50% done with Undisclosed PG project. Luckily the last 50% is all really quick. Then, well gees, I'll have to make a matching hat!

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