Sunday, September 25, 2005
  the opposite of congress
I <3 progress bars. (See sidebar.) Too bad I'll never see them move.
Monday, September 19, 2005
  its my party and i'll celebrate after 1 row if i want to
Finally started Tempting...hooray!
Note: Circular needles are really weird thus far (1 row done, heh heh.) My thumb/index finger hurts like whoa. I could be doing it wrong or I could be using really cheap needles. Or, you know, both.

P.S: 50% done with Undisclosed PG project. Luckily the last 50% is all really quick. Then, well gees, I'll have to make a matching hat!
Friday, September 09, 2005
  early x-mas shopping
Yo quiero! Yo quiero!* Denise Interchangeable Needles! Oh...swoon.

P.S: The new Fall '05 Knitty is up today! (!!) I pretty much love everything in this issue. Plus, there's a pattern for a cravat, and I think I'll have to make one just so I can feel like Oscar Wilde.

Yeah. If you didn't know, he's the coolest.

*I apologize for my crap Spanish in advance.
Sunday, September 04, 2005
  branching out from knitty (ahh, lace)

Branching Out

Pattern: Branching Out from Knitty Spring '05
Yarn: Dale of Norway's Stork [100% cotton; 195 yards /180 meters per 50g skein]; color: #4 Light Green; 2 skeins at $4.95 each
Needles: #6 bamboo straights
Cast On: Mid-July 2005
Cast Off: Late-July 2005

I cracked my lace-knitting knuckles for the first time on this one--it was my first real project after finally learning how to purl and of course, I couldn't stick to something easy ;-) Nope, after at least four starts and countless rippings I finally finished this darling little thing after about two or three weeks...but hey, learning experience! I love the pattern and will more than likely knit it again on something more sturdy like the wool reccommended in the pattern, so I can block it properly. Also, the pattern was really easy to follow as long as you kept your place the whole way through (I used an alligator clip and only messed up once or twice, resulting in mucho swearing and one fugged up set of leaves but you can't really notice it. Heh. )

I started knitting it single-stranded on the #6s and decided that it just looked too hole-y for my taste; you couldn't really see a discernable pattern and that made me crazy-nervous. So, I frog frog frogged and started up again double stranding, which looks loads better, in my opinion. Sadly though, the scarf is much shorter than I usually make them (about 4 1/2 feet, I usually like them really long at about 5 1/2 or 6 so I can wrap) and that was by really, really cutting it close yarn-wise. Holy balls in heaven, did I cut close! I was all ready to wrap up the last 5 garter stitch rows when I realized I barely had enough yarn left for 2, so I had to frog it and shorten a pattern repeat. Even with that I think I k2tog on one stitch when binding off just in case. Jinkies.

About the yarn: This stuff is so soft and so smooth and silky that it's hard to stay mad at it; however, if you'd asked me right after I finished knitting this I would've told you to gather up all the Stork in the nation and burn it. First of all, I had a tremendous knotting problem in the middle of this which was probably my own fault, but just by untangling and then tangling by accident and then swearing and then untangling again made my eyes thoroughly sick of looking at this stuff. Also, towards the end of the skein I had issues with the yarn splitting...there didn't seem to be a lot of "twist" in it. Because of this you can see little stringy loops popping out here and there on my cast off edge, but no big deal, really. I'd probably use this yarn again, but single stranded on smaller needles (although probably not the 2 1/2s reccommended--gees!) but not before taking a few deep breaths first.

All in all, very cool pattern. I love lace, darn it.

More Pictures:

  the only U2 thing they had...good thing I'm obsessive
In my ongoing quest to find U2 patches, I see that the one I got at the Woodstock Fair last year might be... an actual rare one? With actual rareness? Whoa. It might also be a replica, but that's okay, because the real reason I'm posting this is because The U2 Vintage Memorabilia Store for this website also features U2 scarves. U2 SCARVES! Can you say, beyond cool?

Along with my PG Undisclosed project, which is turning out to be as labor intensive as making cheese...including milking Old Betsy (and probably isn't Undisclosed anymore) I could knit me up a whole collection of band scarves. Oh, to have all the free time in the world.

Add it to The Knit List.

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